Feminists, equality, sins of the past, and economic predictions

Greetings, fellow Party members! It’s been a while since I’ve posted up pictorial propaganda and do I have some good photos for you to enjoy and spread the Truth around with your friends and Party enemies. Enjoy comrades!

Never forget comrades, feminism is all about equality. For anyone who disagrees, I’ll refer you to the definition of feminism as my argument. The methods and rhetoric do not matter, just what the Party claims it to mean. It’s not liberty that is important, but rather equality of results. Also, do not read Bureau of Labor Statistics that Steven Crowder got his numbers from.

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Comrades, are we all in agreement as to what is to be banned next?


What’s not to love about People’s Economist Paul Krugman? As we all know, Keynesian’s practice the best economic policies and have the best predictions. That’s why the Great Depression drug on for over a decade right? The free market can’t be trusted to correct itself when bad investments are made. Only the Federal Government can decide who is to big to fail.


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