Feminism, government, poll numbers, and a true new rebel

Few individuals have more sound logic than feminists.

11755294_992974240753031_698244056896639734_n 11760333_1097288850299304_5729295699346948477_n 

But no feminists have more sound arguments than Kommissar Big Red!


Remember comrades, individual citizens can’t be trusted to control their own lives. But surely, individuals that are progressive enough (especially with the money of others) can be trusted to rule over you.

11081081_626100744189774_7649809757678558844_n 1662473_10152637016668868_528793845_n 11755879_425180527665720_3355624889065852750_n

Are you ready for Hillary?


Finally, for all devout Party members there is a new rebel icon. Forget that cis-gendered and sexist loser Che, it’s now Conchita who’s the new rebel for dimwitted thoughtful young Occupiers and insipid rebelling teenagers.

Che_Conchita_Old_New_Rebel Che_Conchita_Update_Shirts Che_Drag_Queen_Conchita_Wurst

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