What lives matter?

I’m sure that all of you heard about how Freddie Gray received spinal cord injuries during transit with the Baltimore Police Deparment and died shortly thereafter. There were national protests, calls for “reform” (Sometimes defined nebulously, but what good comrade would oppose reform?), numerous news stories, and a lot of outrage. Months ago celebrities like Beyoncé (among many others) were urging fans to support Baltimore. Chris Rock made claims that he won’t stop seeing black kids being shot by police officers whilst white kids always go unscathed. I’m not sure what Chris Rock is basing such a statement upon though. The six police officers involved in the Freddie Gray case are being prosecuted to calm the proles down, though many of the officers are being overcharged and will get out of many of the charges against them.

It’s been a few months now and there has been a massive crime spike in Baltimore. The city of Baltimore has created a “War Room” to coordinate the recent crime wave. The Baltimore police commissioner was sacked by mayor Blake in response to the crime wave, though by that logic the mayor should be resigning and is more responsible for failing the city. Where does the buck stop in Baltimore anyway?

I wonder if any of the celebrities that called on their fans to support Baltimore will use their own cash to help out? How many will help the citizens of Baltimore get jobs? How many will try to bring business back to the city? Will they help clean up the streets? Will they help homeowners with all of the equity they lost in their homes? Would they be so vocal about black on black crime? Would they do anything to help innocent black citizens protect themselves against criminals? I guess some Twitter hashtags, phony outrage, and putting up bail for rioters are enough for Beyoncé and her ilk. Perhaps such progressives will continue cite incarceration rates for blacks and assume causation with a few correlations?

This entire video is worth watching, but I’ve embedded the video starting at 8:20. I believe that this man sums up the situation pretty well.

Never forget, in accordance with Party doctrine the police are racist and out to kill minorities yet individual citizens cannot be trusted with firearms.

Yahoo News!-Baltimore killings soar to a level unseen in 43 years

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