What lives matter? (part 2)

The progressives really seem to be eating their own lately. The Black Lives Matters group first protested against Bernie Sanders at a Nutroots convention. At least at this venue, Sanders didn’t just immediately back down and there were a relatively large number of agitators. At a more recent gathering in Seattle, a mob of three people was able to get Sanders to shut up and walk off the stage. Bernie didn’t even try to defend himself this time, he just kind of disappeared. I wonder if the upcoming DNC Convention will be like the one that occurred during 1968 in Chicago? I can’t wait to see what it will be like.

Bernie clearly showed a fine display of Presidential actions. Remember everyone, it’s OK to state that “black lives matter” and furthermore encouraged by the Party. Stating that all lives matter, and the bigger transgression of stating that white lives matter, is clearly a progressive sin. Obviously, only black lives matter.

What a silly thought…


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