Hillary supports agree, rescind the Bill of Rights!

Support amongst Shillary Billary Chillary Hillary supporters is growing about a new cornerstone of progressive policy meant to end the Bill of Rights. There is no need for citizens to carry their own weapons, a new national police force will protect peasants citizens. No need to have the pretense of being a Federal Republic, let’s get rid of that pesky tenth amendment and complete the conversion to the United Socialist States of America.

It’s an outdated idea for individual citizens or corporations (aside from 501(c)(4) i.e. Labor Unions) to be able to donate money to politicians of their own choosing. The Party will determine the correct amount of political speech. There will indeed be a fine equality of results all around, just as it is in the Worker’s Paradise of Venezuela.

Isn’t it just amazing when the central government controls the economy?!

Leading progressives experts like former Kommissar of Justice Stevens would agree that such amendments to the Living Document are necessary for Socialist Democracy. As has been noted on the most glorious website, The People’s Cube, the Constitution is a Living Document that needs doctoring from time to time. You wouldn’t want to oppose progress would you comrade? How could you possibly disagree with progressive intellectuals? If someone is smarter than you (or proclaims themselves to be as such), then they must be korrect.

Without any further ado, here’s the prog news you came to see. Enjoy!


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