The Communism Train, The Children, fat acceptance, and equality

I don’t understand why Progressives aren’t all calling themselves Communists yet? What could their reasons be for avoiding such a glorious title? They’re working together and there’s really no difference between the Democratic Party, Progressives, and Communists.


For any comrades who would harbor thoughts against the Party…


Your children are not your own. They are property of the State and not to be educated by you. The Party will handle indoctrination of The Children.



People who push the idea of “fat acceptance” really do have some interesting logic. I have never before heard of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and almost thought that it was a parody website at first.



And lastly, we all know that feminism is about equality. Feminists would never espouse violent ideas right? Progressives care about diversity, using evidence and research to make conclusions, and are understanding of different opinions right?



4 thoughts on “The Communism Train, The Children, fat acceptance, and equality”

    1. Indeed, some are more equal than others to progressives. I think it’s very telling that progressives talk of equality rather than liberty and freedom. Thank you for your comment and kind thoughts!

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      1. You’re most welcome. I’m sick of them trying to censor thoughts and opinions, banning everything that offends them and policing people.

        I don’t need them to protect my womanly fee fees or body image. I don’t need them to protect me from men because, unlike them, men treat me with respect and courtesy and I return it! Argh… the frustration…


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