Freedom and guns

I could spend time in this post to explain that the causes of crime are complex and not simply solved by passing some laws, but I’ll mostly just post up some pictures today instead. Don’t forget to spread these pictures with your progressive fiends, I mean friends. Enjoy!

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One thing I will say is that it can be hard to determine which quotes from the Founding Fathers are real and which are fake.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon-Spurious Quotations

Buckeye Firearms Association-Gun Quotations of the Founding Fathers

One such example of a modified “quote.”

Below is another questionable quotation. While the gun control laws enacted in Nazi Germany generally were about people control, lies don’t help the cause any.

The Federalist-Ben Carson is right About Nazi Gun Control

“Reductio ad Hitlerum” is an argument that should generally be avoided unless a direct comparison or link can be established. It would also help if you have a citation for your claims.

As always, don’t just accept something on the Internet (or other information medium) as being true.

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