What do typical college students think about free speech?

Steven Crowder posed questions about free speech to students at the University of Michigan. What words should you be able to use? Does the First Amendment and the Constitution in general matter at all? Who is to decide what you should and should not be able to say? Sadly, I’m not amazed that the government is wasting money for sensitivity training on grown adults. What a fine use of taxpayer and tuition money. Warning: triggering speech and literature could cause progressive to really have to think about their views and beliefs. Don’t worry, in the coming United Socialist States of America (U.S.S.A) the thinking will be done for you, e.g. groupthink. Won’t it be amazing? Forward!

Once the Church of Feminism™ has crushed its political opponents and The Patriarchy© we will all live in a true progressive utopia.

Comrades, there’s a reason that progressives talk about equality and Envynomics rather than freedom and liberty. True progressive ideals are about a guaranteed equality of results. Socialism and progressive ideals require extreme force, not letting people make their own choices. Progressive ideals are a jackboot on a human skull.

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For anyone who doesn’t believe that progressive ideals don’t require extreme force and restrict almost all liberty, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of New Jersey has declared that anyone who doesn’t believe in the current ideology of Global Warming climate change needs to be sent to prison. Don’t tell Sen. Whitehouse that Antarctica is gaining ice mass and cooling. Also, don’t tell Sen. Whitehouse that coastal communities have been eroding into the ocean since time immemorial. As always, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and disseminate the photos therein. Enjoy!

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