Another innocent black child was shot…

Horrible news comrades, an innocent, young, black, gang-banger was shot by a white police officer as he ran towards a crowded school gymnasium with a gun in is hands. From the AP propaganda news story:

Wichita police say a black 17-year-old who was shot and wounded by a white police officer as he ran with a gun toward a high school gymnasium was a documented gang member who was registered as a student at the school.

How horrible…

At a news conference Saturday afternoon, Police Chief Nelson Mosley said a 20-year veteran of the police department fired several shots at the teen, whose name was not released, after the youth ignored repeated warnings to stop.

The police officer demanded that the innocent youth stop? I demand that police actions to stop innocent, young, black men running towards schools with guns cease. No justice, no peace!

The incident happened after officers stopped a pickup truck as it was pulling into the parking lot of West High School around 6:30 p.m. Friday. Mosley said officers had been watching the truck after it left a Wichita home where police were told suspects in a double homicide earlier in the week might be located.

Four males were in the pickup truck when it was stopped in the parking lot, and one of them got out and started running, the chief said.

That police officer should’ve been collecting taxes for the city, not going after non-violent offenders like double-homicide suspects.

After being shot, the teen ran for about 100 yards before surrendering to police, Nelson said. The boy was treated at the scene before being taken to a local hospital in critical but stable condition.

The other three in the truck cooperated with police and were released after being questioned at city hall, he said. He said he didn’t know why the teen ran, or whether he ever pointed the gun at police.

All true Party members know that police should make every attempt to stop armed criminals with their fists and wait for backup to arrive prior to going after suspects. This officer was clearly using excessive force by shooting this innocent and armed gang member running towards a school. Just like poor Michael Brown should’ve been allowed to get away with robbing a convenience store and fighting a police officer so too should the poor, innocent child in question.


The shooting happened while a girls’ basketball game between West and Northwest high schools was going on. There were 200 to 300 people in the school gym at the time, Nelson said.

The school went on lockdown for about 30 minutes before it was lifted, and a boys’ game later that night went on as scheduled.

Probably just a bunch of white people who deserved what was coming to them.

The police chief said the teen was hit once in the side-back area and once in the hand, with the bullet also hitting the gun.

Police released several pictures of the scene, including a blurry image taken from a police officer’s body camera showing the teen running with what appears to be a gun. Police also provided a photo of the weapon.

Obviously, any evidence against the poor, young child was fabricated.

Investigators determined none of the four in the pickup truck were involved in the double homicide, which happened on Tuesday in Wichita and was believed to be gang-related.

See, they were innocent! No justice! No Peace! Reparations in the seven-figure range are clearly in order. It’s time for his parents to meet with Al Sharpton. The toiling working classes must be stoked to property and liberate property.

The officer who fired the shots is on administrative leave under department policy, Nelson said.

This is justice? This white, racist police officer is clearly deserving of prison time!


Alright, I can’t type such drivel much longer. It’s amazing that the author, Mr. Bill Draper, would so thinly veil his attempt to bring race into this criminal matter. It seems as though most citizens tire of hearing Black Lies Matter members whine and complain of “injustice.” Based upon many of the comments it looks as though everyone saw right through the race-baiting:

Dan Robert

I’ll write more of the sniveling cowards in the Black Votes Matter movement later though this is a good start. I quoted almost all of the article, but here it is for any who are interested:

Yahoo! News-Armed teenager running toward school shot by police officer



One thought on “Another innocent black child was shot…”

  1. The more we pay attention to ignorant, unintelligent people and make them feel important, the more they will speak out for the degenerates in our country.
    These articles make me laugh. It starts with the parents. Too many kids don’t have morals because their parents don’t want to teach them. As long as our society keeps pushing the blame on those who protect us instead of trying to make efforts to fix the mindset of our criminal youth, we will continue to go down hill.
    I worry about the kids who come from a loving background and whose parents care. They will be intelligent, they will care but society will shit on them.
    Please start by educating the young on what is right and wrong.

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