Positive views of the Prophet

Today’s post will go over the glories of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and will have many positive renderings of the man. Fellow Party members, we can not allow the conservative bigots to slander the name of the Prophet. This post must be spread to all loyal comrades just as the thoughtcrime of Islamophobia must be stomped out. Proles, I mean citizens, must not be allowed to think about data for themselves. Only approved Party media channels should be considered valid news sources. Enjoy!

12246986_938158772941951_8526875989525946467_n burqa_liberal_women Cancer_Research_Mohammed file.php Maksim_Mohammed_Iwantyou Maksim_Mohammed_MakeLove Mohammed_Bicycle_SavePlanet Mohammed_Obama_Hope_Poster 504 Mohammed_Rally Mohammed_SunSafety Mohammed_tractordriver ragemuhammed Risk_Spread_600 Someone_You_Love Swords_Ploughs

All glory to The People’s Cube!

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