The Oberlin College Choir

The fine folks over at Powerline have been documenting the insane demands of the students of numerous colleges and the cowardice and ineptitude of their administrators. Today’s post focuses on Oberlin College. One of the more hilarious things that the Oberlin Black Students Union has done is come up with a 14-page list of demands that amounts to a bunch of free stuff and the cessation of free thought that doesn’t agree with their views. The idiocy and child-like behavior of progressive students across the United States is simply stunning.

I ran across a satirical video that was made after some Oberlin students complained about Christina Hoff Sommers spread some of her thoughtcrime against the Church of Feminism on campus. There’s no need for “adults” to have free thought or listen to anyone with an opposing viewpoint right? There is no need for freedom and liberty in the ideal progressive world, just a guaranteed equality of results where your options are determined by the state alone. Enjoy the video!

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