Elon Musk wants you!

The man with a plan to make you buy his $80,000 electric car.
The man with a plan to make you buy his $80,000 electric car.

Elon Musk wants you to pay a carbon tax, a global carbon tax. Are you breathing? You need to be taxed! Did you dare to use a gasoline powered car? Get taxed! Did you use one of Elon Musk’s $100,000 electric cars of which 2/3 of the powertrains fail in 60,000 miles? No big deal, you should get tax subsidies for being rich enough to afford his electric car. From the Yahoo! News article:

The world’s leaders should institute a carbon tax to mitigate the worst effects of climate change and help shift the global economy away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk said.

The current lack of a carbon tax amounts to a hidden subsidy that incentivizes “bad behavior,” Musk said here Tuesday (Dec. 15) at the annual fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

What flawless progressive logic. We’ll tax people at exorbitant amounts to make them act the way that we want to. They are not to have liberty or freedom, just permission from the government rather than rights.

‘It’s kind of like if we had high taxes on fruits and vegetables and low taxes on cigarettes and alcohol,’ said Musk, the founder and CEO of the private spaceflight company SpaceX. ‘That wouldn’t make sense, but that’s sort of what we have now with respect to energy, with very powerful forces trying to keep it that way.’

The tax is meant to punish any who would not follow the Musk path of $100,000 electric cars. It seems that there are powerful forces pushing for “green energy” that want to take your money for their vision.

Pay up comrade, or go live in a cave.
Pay up comrade, or go live in a cave.


Nothing beats the reliability of a Tesla product, except maybe a Fiat-Chrysler product:

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At heart, prices are just a form of information that ‘tell people what to do, and what things should be favored over another thing. And so when the prices are wrong, then the wrong thing happens in the economy,he added.Any sort of carbon tax would reduce the effective error in the system of prices in the economy.’

I suppose that the “wrong thing” to Musk would be citizens not paying $80,000 for one of his electric cars. For those of us who live in apartments, where would we plug into to at night? How many deep-discharge cycles could be withstood; an important factor for individuals who must make long road trips? How much freight could an electric car tow? No entity is better at setting prices than a central government. Just look to examples of a Workers’ Paradise such as: Cuba, Detroit, Greece, Spain, Zimbabwe, or Venezuela. I suppose that Elon Musk knows what the right price of commodities should be over the free market.

Musk is working to reduce humanity’s dependence on gas, oil and coal, which release heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere when burned. Musk co-founded and helms the electric-car company Tesla Motors, and he also co-founded and serves as chairman of SolarCity, the United States’ largest solar-power provider.

Not surprisingly, Musk is bullish on solar, viewing it as the chief energy source of the post-fossil-fuels future.

‘You could take basically a corner of Utah and Nevada and power the whole United States with solar power,’ Musk said. ‘So I think that’s mostly how it will get solved.’

Musk is lying and he probably knows why his solar-only solution wouldn’t work. What about when the Sun doesn’t shine? What are his considerations towards energy storage? How many batteries would be required for his vision? I’m sure Musk’s vision for energy will be just like the Ivanpah Solar Plant’s continual inability to produce over half of its rated output. How would the price of electricity change if we all used electric cars?

And that future dependency on renewable energy — with solar in the lead, but also featuring hydropower, nuclear energy and other ‘green’ sources — cannot come soon enough, Musk said.

Humanity will need to shift to a sustainable-energy economy at some point, because the world’s accessible fossil fuels won’t last forever, he noted.

In the United Kingdom diesel generators have been shipped in to make up for the inability of renewable sources to maintain output. Prices for electricity are 54% higher on average in the UK that in the United States with UK government subsidies funding $670 million (as of November 2015) to pay for diesel engines. Currently the diesel generators purchased (essentially) by the UK government account for 1.5 GW of capacity and will be at about 8 GW by 2020. Nothing says grid stability like solar and wind energy.


‘The question is just when [the shift occurs], and how many billions of tons of CO2 are in the atmosphere versus in the ground,’ Musk said. ‘Given that we know where we’ll end up, which is a sustainable-energy economy, it seems like we should terminate this experiment as soon as possible.’

I don’t believe that the future belongs to electric cars. Certainly not without some significant leap in battery capacity and charging technology. I’d rather get a hydrogen powered car like the Toyota Mirai (whose tank can be filled completely in a few minutes) than electric car that I can’t charge in my apartment complex parking lot. Even if I had a garage, who wants to wait up to about three days for a full charge to be complete?


Maybe by 2020, Tesla might actually make have some profit more than once in 17 years.

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All hail the Church of Global Warming Climate Change!




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