The Church of Socialism, the Lorax, child support, and refugees

Good evening fellow Party members, all I have for today is some glorious pictorial propaganda. Enjoy and share with all of your progressive friends!

Are you ready to sacrifice all for the Church of Socialism comrade? Never forget that individuals don’t have rights but rather, permission from the State.

Sanders-Church-and-State Founders_Finger_Gulag 1917701_10204550612960255_7804562344772500576_n

Do not listen to evil thoughtcriminals!


Don’t you love what feminists believe in? You also need to subscribe to the Church of Feminism in addition to the Church of Socialism.

12094753_1142489542445901_8565611073229279498_o 12246652_1053764854658159_8550464086206341128_n

This is what equality looks like comrades!



Are Kommissars Pelosi and Michael Moore ready to do their part and open up their bank accounts and massive homes to refugees?




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