The Hate Crime Hoax database for the U.S.A.

Have you ever wondered how many of the hate-crimes you’ve heard about are a hoax? Are you tired of hearing your progressives friends claim that you can’t claim “all lives matter“? A website that I recently stumbled across is, a database of hate crimes that were proven to be fake and often times self-inflicted. Let’s take a gander at some of the supposed thoughtcrimes committed:

NBC Bay Area-East Palo Alto Man Arrested for Falsely Reporting Hate Crime:

Over the summer, 19-year-old Jesus Cabrera told police he was verbally harassed by three white men, authorities said. He said the men made disparaging remarks about his ethnicity, and police in turn investigated the incident as a hate crime. He was arrested Friday after police say he admitted to making up the story.

Police say Cabrera now claims he was stabbed by a rival graffiti crew in East Palo Alto while he was tagging a bridge overpass.

Cabrera has been charged with falsely reporting a crime, a misdemeanor.


Washington Post-Suspect in Houston mosque fire claims to have prayed there five times a day, police say:

The man accused of starting it is not an outsider, but a well-known member of the congregation.

According to charging documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle, 37-year-old Gary Nathaniel Moore, a Houston resident, told investigators that he had attended Savoy Masjid for the past five years.

Moore was not a periodic attendee, but someone who came to the mosque five times each day, seven days a week.


CBS SF Bay Area-Hercules Transgender Teen Admits Making Up Story Of Bathroom Sexual Assault:

A transgender student at Hercules High School who reported being sexually assaulted in a school bathroom has admitted to making the story up, according to police.

Hercules Police said investigators were not able to substantiate the unidentified student’s claims, including the time frame of the incident and the lack of any injuries or marks on the student’s body.

The unidentified student, born as a female but identifies as male, admitted Tuesday to fabricating the entire story.

Investigators said Tuesday they are looking into possibly pursuing charges against the teen.

West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education President Charles Ramsey responded to news of the false claim Tuesday by saying he was ‘relieved it didn’t happen.’

‘Yes, it is a cry for help and we need to be supportive and compassionate and reach out. This child is just 15-years-old,’ Ramsey told KPIX 5. ‘We have to find out what’s going on in the home, what’s going on in their neighborhood, what’s going on with the fact that you are transgender. Are they suffering bullying? Was this a cry for help? We don’t want to minimize that.’

What if the people who had supposedly attacked him were crying out for help? What could’ve been going on in their home? I bet Ramsey wouldn’t have been interested in minimizing charges if the assailants were real. I can’t get enough of the progressive version of justice, can you?


There are many more listings on which currently has 216 different incidents on it. I wonder how many innocent people have been convicted of thoughtcrime that they didn’t commit? As always, share my posts with your progressive friends.



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