To date a feminist…

This is a sad video. This feminist named Marina Watanabe has a program called Feminist Fridays and decided to parade the sad, pathetic image of her boyfriend on her show. Watching this video is just awful. At first you feel sad for the man, then you want to punch him in the face for his complete lack of a spine. As you go through this video it’s made clear that he’s not allowed to speak his mind though there may not be much going on in there anyway. Are you ready to act like a total loser? Then you too can cut your balls off and date a feminist like this guy can. Enjoy the prelude to domestic violence against this guy!


Below is the original video for which comments are disabled. Aren’t you glad that this guy date a feminist so that you don’t have to?

I would rather be alone for an eternity than date a feminist. I know what this guy needs to watch, the total carnage that can only be produced in a Rambo film. This may not be enough though, he clearly needs some more testosterone and fortitude.

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