Scientology, Bill’s choices, money, and a paradox

I’m just putting up more pictorial propaganda tonight. I’ll come up with a real post with some original content soon enough. For now, let’s just have a few good laughs.

The Church of Scientology believes in the Church of Climate Change and you should too. Are you ready to for the trillions in tax increases and wealth distribution that climate scientists Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio are calling for comrade? Don’t forget, according to Kommissar Al Gore the Earth is supposed to finish burning up by midnight tonight.


Bill kept choosing women other than Hillary? Shouldn’t you as well?

Bill-Clinton-chooses 12572983_902935839819625_3110469622475151923_n Rolling-Stone-Magazine-0008aAa-598x812

The second issue of Poor Me! magazine has been issued. If you subscribe by this Sunday your neighbor gets the bill and you get a free week’s ration of People’s Beet Vodka. Sign up today!


Under the wise guidance of Chairman Sanders, we will all be trillionaires! Isn’t that just wonderful?


Perhaps this man is just trolling everybody? Am I just getting Punk’d like Demi Moore?


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