It feels good to be a Clinton

It’s time to make another post bashing Shillary instead of Bernie and his Bernouts. Today’s political advertising is from the Ted Cruz campaign. Being a Clinton means never having to admit that you are contradicting your previous policy positions (TPP, homosexual marriage, war in Iraq, etc.), right? It’s also good to be a Clinton since you give away state secrets to random people and take your Top Secret/ Secret Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI among other classifications) and put it on your home server.

Since Shillary is a Party member and not one of those lowly peons she doesn’t deserve ten or more years jail time. The issue of losing sensitive documents, being investigated by the FBI, and possibly getting indicted is not worthy of discussing at Democratic Presidential debates either. Seriously, why isn’t Bernie using this? Perhaps he’s just that much of a beta-male?

Obviously, there is a vast right-wing conspiracy behind the FBI investigation into Clinton.

Navy Times-Sailor faces charges for submarine photos on cell phone

Business Insider-The FBI is reportedly expanding its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server

Powerline Blog-Debate This!

Powerline Blog-Fallon’s fallacies, cont’d



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