Submitting to Islam in a Swedish Church

I wonder what’s up with the self-loathing among progressives? In this case I’m talking about a lesbian bishop (Eva Brunne) of the Church of Sweden who called for a church in in Stockholm, the Seaman’s mission church, to take down pretty much any and all Christian symbols and imagery. Ms. Brunne also called for arrows to point towards Mecca in the church. Isn’t it amazing what progressives will do to not offend others and exhibit proper “hospitality“? I wonder what else the rest of the world should do to appease Islam? Ms. Brunne could always put on a burka. Funny enough Europe is full of state sponsored churches, yet Church membership is a small portion of the population.

Perhaps I should walk into the San Diego Islamic center and demand they preach the Gospel of Christ? Perhaps I could waltz into any street in Iran and try to convert Muslims to Christianity without going to prison for years? Maybe, just maybe Ms. Brunne and her wife could not get executed. Who knows, the possibilities are endless!

Breirbart London-World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space

Fox News-Christian pastor Saeed Abedini breaks silence after being freed in prisoner swap with Iran

Al-Arabiya-Executions of Sunni preachers, activists continue in Iran


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