Progressive thoughts on “migrants”

Today I’ll be writing about some stories that members of the progressive media are using to bend public opinion to their will. Today’s fun reading is from the Associated Press and is entitled Anti-migrant force builds in Europe, hurting Merkel’s quest and starts off as follows:

So where should the next impenetrable razor-wire border fence in Europe be built?

Looks like were off to a fine start with this article. I wonder if the author, Vanessa Gera, locks the doors to her apartment or house? If she doesn’t leave her car and domicile doors unlocked she’s not being fair to the poor and disadvantaged.

Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban thinks he knows the best place — on Macedonia’s and Bulgaria’s borders with Greece — smack along the main immigration route from the Middle East to Western Europe. He says it’s necessary because ‘Greece can’t defend Europe from the south’ against the large numbers of refugees pouring in, mainly from Syria and Iraq.

So far this sounds fine to me; Greece isn’t controlling who goes through its borders.


The plan is especially controversial because it effectively means eliminating Greece from the Schengen zone, Europe’s 26-nation passport-free travel region that is considered one of the European Union’s most cherished achievements.

The European Union is falling apart and the Brussels Sprouts know it. I would call what the Hungarian government is calling for forward thinking.

‘If it were up only to us Central Europeans, that region would have been closed off long ago,’ Orban said before at a news conference recently with Poland’s prime minister. ‘Not for the first time in history we see that Europe is defenseless from the south … that is where we must ensure the safety of the continent.’

Perhaps the poor, oppressed Muslim refugees entering Europe will succeed where the Ottoman Empire failed?

The leaders will try to hash out a unified position ahead of an important EU meeting Thursday and Friday in Brussels that will take up both migration and Britain’s efforts to renegotiate a looser union with the EU. The Visegrad countries have also recently united against British attempts to limit the welfare rights of European workers, something that would affect the hundreds of thousands of their citizens who now live and work in Britain.

It’s painfully obvious that the countries of the E.U. have no political unity. Perhaps it’s time to turn the E.U. into a simple free-trade zone and nothing more.

Hours before the Prague meeting, the European Commission unveiled a further 10 million euros ($11.3 million) in finances to help Macedonia improve its borders and migration management, but insisted the money not be used to build fences.

‘We don’t think that closing borders is the response. We prefer managing borders,’ said commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas. ‘The European response to the refugee crisis will be done with Greece, not against Greece.’

It looks like some countries are trying to manage their borders by controlling and doing something more than nothing to verify who is entering. I suppose that is hard for progressives to understand.

Anti-migrant messages resonate with the ex-communist EU member states, countries that have benefited greatly from EU subsidies and freedom of movement for their own citizens but which now balk at requests to accept even small numbers of refugees. The Visegrad nations maintain it is impossible to integrate Muslims into their societies, often describing them as security threats. So far the Poles, Czechs and Slovaks have only accepted small numbers of refugees, primarily Christians from Syria.

This might be news to the AP, but wanting some control over your country is not “xenophobic.” Nor are Eastern European countries the only ones who have a problem accepting millions of refugees whom you know nothing about. I would have to have a passport to enter a nation of the E.U. legally yet millions of “migrants” need no documentation?

BBC News-Migrant Crisis:Bavaria mayor sends refugees to Merkel

Reuters-Bavaria wants to send refugees back to Austria, Merkel says no

Indeed there are plenty of signs that the countries are squandering a lot of the good will that they once enjoyed in the West for their sacrifices in throwing off communism and establishing democracies.

I’m sure that Poland, Hungary, and the other countries that are “squandering” their good will might not care.

Orban’s ambitions for Europe got a big boost with the rise to power last year in Poland of the right-wing Law and Justice party, which is deeply anti-migrant and sees greater regional cooperation as one of its foreign policy priorities. Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo’s government says it wants to do more to help Syrian refugees at camps in Turkey and elsewhere while blocking their entry into Europe.

Why isn’t Ms. Gara calling for countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia to take in some refugees? Better yet, why doesn’t Ms. Gara take a few in her own home?

‘The very serious phenomenon endangering the security of everyday life which we call migration did not break into Western Europe violently,’ he said. ‘The doors were opened. And what is more, in certain periods, they deliberately invited and even transported these people into Western Europe without control, filtering or security screening.’

Is any part of Prime Minister Orban’s statement incorrect? The author certainly never attempts to prove it wrong.

Wretched thougtcriminal
Wretched thougtcriminal


What a proud, intelligent, accepting, and powerful Party member!
What a proud, intelligent, accepting, and powerful Party member!

A 16 year old, who’s clearly not in line with Party doctrine, has a simple solution on what the United Kingdom should do about immigration and E.U. membership:

The Telegraph-Revealed: The Brexit supporter who shocked the Question Time panel

I really do think that it’s time for progressives to put up or shut up. Anyone who believes that we need to accept millions of immigrants in Western countries (and nowhere else) should: donate all available money (not someone else’s), house at least one refugee, and/or live in the “no-go” zones where Sharia is the rule of law.

Sharia patrol and courts in the U.K.

You have to watch this video. If you watch no other video on this post, watch this one. These are really the people that need to be let in:


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