Disassembling progressive propaganda on Hungary

This post relates to the last post I wrote and goes to pick apart some of the political propaganda pushed by supposed news agencies. In the video made by a Hungarian man by the name of Kritikus Heylzet, looks at what actually happened in some of the photos and video footage used to smear Hungary. Obviously, progressives mean it when they say that the United States shouldn’t intervene in the affairs of foreign governments, except when citizens of Western governments decide to control their borders or country.

I wonder how many progressives who want the West to accept millions of “refugees” whom we know nothing about would want them in their own neighborhood? Like I said before, if progressives really cared they would pour all of their own money (and not someone else’s) into helping these “migrants.” I wonder how many of the children that are being used as passports were kidnapped from their actual parents? What if we just took in the children and told the healthy adult males to go back?

Why don’t progressives demand that oil rich Arab states or Iran take in some “refugees”? Let’s listen to a Farage barrage for a few minutes:

Vatacan-Wall     Vatacan-Wall-2


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