Quit Rubio, Quit! (Along with some other results)

A bad night for some people.
A bad night for some people.

The primary and caucus votes from Mississippi, Michigan, and Idaho are mostly counted now and Trump and Cruz are the only candidates on the Republican side to win a state or get second. Mr. Roboto (Rubio) managed to get less than 10% in Mississippi and Michigan and was awarded fewer delegates than Kasich. Now that’s a bad night by any standard and given that Rubio is predicted to lose in his home state of Florida it’s probably time to give up. If Rubio truly believes that Trump must not be allowed to get the Republican nomination perhaps it’s time for him to back out or support Cruz? From Fox News:

Idaho_delegates Michigan_delegates Mississippi_delegates

I’m not particularly a fan of Trump and hope that the field gets whittled down some more. I think that if Trump and Cruz were in a one-on-one debate with each other the lack of specific policy ideas that Trump has to offer would show how weak Trump really is. I have to doubt the economic literacy of anyone who calls for a 45% tariff. I suppose with Trump it’s hard to tell what he’s saying just to grab attention and how he would actually try to govern. It would also be nice for a Presidential hopeful to realize that judges don’t sign bills.

On the Democratic side almost no one voted for Sanders in Mississippi yet Sanders managed to win over Hillary in Michigan:

Mississippi_delegates_socialistparty Michigan_delegates_socialist_party

Isn’t it just amazing how the Democratic National Committee can clear the field for Hillary with the exception of an aging Menshevik and still barely get half of Democratic voters to support her? This just goes to show how bad of a politician Shillary is. There’s only one Clinton that was a good politician…

Lastly, while the Hawaii vote is nowhere near being fully counted it appears that Trump is the winner with Cruz in second:



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