The difference, Leo’s footprint, and running mates

Good evening comrades, tonight I’ll just be posting up some pictorial propaganda to share with all of your progressive friends. Enjoy!

Like I’ve asked before, what’s the difference between the Democratic Party and the CPUSA?


Remember folks, you owning a truck and forgetting to turn a light off is destroying the environment. Don’t ask Leo about his carbon footprint; it might even be larger than Al Gore’s!

Leo-1   Leo-2

Going back to the Democratic Party, what would it take for Shillary to not get the Democratic nomination? You can always read on how a third of Bernie’s Bolsheviks refuse to vote for Hillary and listen to the whining on the Puffington Host. Shillary could get and indicted and I imagine that most progs would vote for her as they currently are anyway. As long as the “free” stuff keeps coming in what difference does it make?



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