Feminism VS a child

I was going to write a a different sort of post today but just couldn’t resist sharing a video of a feminist losing to a twelve year old kid. I wonder what the limits of a social justice warriors intellect are? Perhaps a ten year old could best them? An eight year old? Perhaps feminists could come up with coherent arguments against a toddler?

Here’s the young man’s original video:

One of the best comments on the preceding video:


The very aptly named video made by a complete and total loser and social justice warrior (i.e. retard):

The guy even admits that he cannot come up with reasons to oppose the points that the kid comes up with. I guess men representing over 90% of workplace fatalities represents male privilege? Here’s pretty much everyone one making fun of this guy for being a complete moron:

Mattman19841   Jerimy C


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