War in Orlando


Islam just launched an attack in Orlando in a big way; so far at least 50 are dead and 53 injured in an attack by a single man: Omar Mateen. In an Orlando, FL nightclub called Pulse (“the hottest gay bar” in town) was attacked by Mateen shortly after 2 AM. The hostage situation lasted for several hours after the initial killings which ended when the Orlando PD stormed the nightclub and killed the assailant. Bernie Sanders tweeted: “It’s horrific. It’s unthinkable.” It’s time for progressives to join reality; perhaps they’ve forgotten about numerous attacks in places like Brussels, Paris, London, Mardrid, and New York City already?

I think that this guy was serious…

Omar’s father, Mir stated that “religion had nothing to do with religion” but then claimed that his son was angry that homosexuals were kissing in Miami. Don’t worry though, Dear Leader will continue to import thousands of Syria (and Egyptian, Eritrean, Somali and other Islamic Honor Students) while doing nothing to verify who they are. It’s OK because Dear Leader has a bunch of men with guns to protect him (while working to ban your gun). I wonder when Obama will call for more gun control as the solution to all our problems?

Fox News-50 killed in shooting at Florida nightclub in possible act of Islamic terror

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