Leave surges ahead!

It appears that the Leave campaign in the United Kingdom will be successful, with the Leave votes about one million ahead of the Remain campaign as of 2100 Pacific Time. The BBC is projecting the United Kingdom to exit the European Union.

Brexit 2100    nationresult2059

It looks as though the grand European Union experiment of controlling 28 nations with some bureaucrats in Brussels continues to fall apart. I’m sure that the various (unelected) Presidents of the E.U. will be very disappointed. No more trying to force Britain to take hundreds of thousands of refugees whom they know nothing about. The same fees and taxes can’t be leveled. The Brussels Sprouts won’t even be able to ban cinnamon anymore. The horror! I suppose it’s time for the tyrants to lose control of Britain. I find the argument that Britain will be less safe once it can control its own defense and borders to be one of the funniest arguments pretty funny.


The Telegraph-EU referendum results live




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