Global Warming causes Anthrax


You might not have known this, but Global Warming climate change is causing an Anthrax outbreak in Siberia. From a wonderful article on NPR:

Russia is fighting a mysterious anthrax outbreak in a remote corner of Siberia. Dozens of people have been hospitalized; one child has died. The government airlifted some families out because more than 2,000 reindeer have been infected.

Turn your computer off, you murderer you.

Officials don’t know exactly how the outbreak started, but the current hypothesis is almost unbelievable: A heat wave has thawed the frozen soil there and with it, a reindeer carcass infected with anthrax decades ago.

Some scientists think this incident could be an example of what climate change may increasingly surface in the tundra.

Apparently, heat waves weren’t a thing until the last few decades of Earth’s history.

The soil in the Yamal Pennisula is like a giant freezer,” says Jean-Michel Claverie at the National Center for Scientific Research in France. “Those are very, very good conditions for bacteria to remain alive for a very long time.

Who introduced science into this attempt to control your life?

Then this summer, a heat wave hit and a thicker layer of permafrost melted, and the reindeer’s body rose to the surface, the theory goes. As it warmed up, so did the anthrax.

Infectious spores spread across the tundra. Other reindeer grazing nearby picked up the disease.

Again, heat waves never hit the world until a few decades ago. This can only happen during climate change caused by your use of gasoline, electricity, and petrochemicals.

There’s likely to be more cases of anthrax resurfacing, says Birgitta Evengard, a microbiologist at Umea University in Sweden. That’s because climate change is causing the temperature in the Arctic Circle to rise very quickly.

“‘It’s rising about three times faster in the Arctic than in the rest of the world,” she says. “And that means the ice is melting and the permafrost is thawing.’

No time frame or data is given; such information is simply not necessary. What you need to know is that some bureaucrats need to control every aspect of your life and you need to give up all of your cash.

In the early 20th century, there were repeated anthrax outbreaks in Siberia. More than a million reindeer died. Now there are about 7,000 burial grounds with infected carcasses scattered across northern Russia.

It seems like this current outbreak is pretty small but no matter, you need to be scared of climate change.

‘It’s not that easy to dig in the permafrost to bury these animals,” Evengard says. “So they are kind of very close to the surface.’

That means anthrax outbreaks in Siberia could occur every summer, she says. And it’s not just anthrax that could be a problem.

People and animals have been buried in permafrost for centuries. There could be bodies infected with all kinds of viruses and bacteria, frozen in time. She says scientists are just starting look for it.

So these animals aren’t actually buried, but the permafrost they weren’t buried in is releasing them? It sounds like these animals were just left on the surface. Isn’t it amazing what masquerades as news?

Bonus Round: If you have the time, read this awesome New York Times article on why you should go to prison to fight climate change.





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