Democrats: They give a shit about people

The Democratic National Committee has come out with a great new slogan for a t-shirt: “Democrats give a sh*t about people.” I’m not certain what the purpose of censoring one letter from shit was, all that does is make people think about the word even more. I suppose that Democrat politicians and their crazy base are pretty vulgar and violent people, in spite of how much they bemoan Trump for his supposed incivility. The Black Lies Matter, Antifa, and other various social justice warriors are barbarians, but at least they’re not hiding behind much anymore. I could take a lot of different paths to show that the Democrats don’t give a shit about anything except power, but here are some short videos to show the barbarism that Obama, Tom Perez (current Chairman of the DNC), and other progressives support:

Gateway Pundit -Antifa Terrorist Who Beat Trump Supporter in Head WITH BIKE LOCK Identified as Local Professor! (VIDEO)

How fitting:

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