Southern California trails

The Anza-Borrego Mud Caves make for some fine hiking.

Spend some time in the Ballarat Freedom Zone.

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Cleghorn Ridge is an easy trail that is easily accessible from I-15. It’s even more fun in the snow!

Coyote One is an easy trail that ends where the desert floor meets the mountains.

Diablo Dropoff is a very steep trail that can be hard and has amazing views.

The Escape Trail is a wonderful way to see the Panamint Valley!

Font’s Point is not a trail in of itself, but offers some astounding views.

DSCF2454    DSCF2435

Jacoby Canyon is just one of the many awesome trails in Big Bear!

Kane Spring Road is incredibly difficult to navigate.

The trails of EC 119, 158, and West Mortero Wash lie here.

DSCF1002    DSCF1013    DSCF6557

EC 287 and 400 lie here

Oriflamme Canyon

DSCF2917    DSCF2944

Rodriguez Canyon; running parallel to Oriflamme Canyon.

DSCF6256    DSCF6317    DSCF6343

The Gas Dome is a formation rather than a trail, but is still pretty interesting.

DSCF5860    DSCF5855    DSCF5857

The Table Mountain network of trails lead to stunning views of the surrounding area.

DSCF5996    DSCF5971    DSCF5935

Mazourka Canyon is a great way to see the Inyo Mountains!


Titus Canyon is a one-way road that leads down an awe-inspiring canyon and crosses state lines.


The Mojave Road (West Section) is a great area that even has a free Dodge Challenger in it.

dscf8726   dscf8736

dscf8803   dscf8747

The Mojave Road, Central

dscf8841   dscf8850

dscf8857   dscf8876

The Mojave Road, East

dscf8908   dscf8922

dscf8965   dscf9009

West Side Road offers a wonderful gateway into the beauty of Death Valley that anyone can access


The Wind Caves are an amazing geological formation!

DSCF6723    DSCF6739    DSCF6705    DSCF6689

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