Rodriguez Canyon

Rodriguez Canyon is an easy trail southeast of Julian, CA. Rodriguez Canyon can be accessed from the northern end from CA-78 at the end of Banner Grade or from the south along S-2 (north of mile post 27). Rodriguez Canyon runs to the parallel and to the eastern side of Oriflamme Canyon. This trail is of slightly moderate difficulty; any good truck or 4×4 with some ground clearance will make it through with no problem. At the time I went through there was no snow though it is possible for some to accumulate during these winter times. There are a number of private roads and land around the area so be careful not to trespass. Enjoy the photos and videos!

DSCF6255    DSCF6256    DSCF6258    DSCF6260

DSCF6261    DSCF6263    DSCF6262    DSCF6265

DSCF6267    DSCF6268    DSCF6269    DSCF6270

DSCF6273    DSCF6274    DSCF6275    DSCF6276

DSCF6281    DSCF6283    DSCF6285    DSCF6287

DSCF6290    DSCF6292    DSCF6294    DSCF6295

DSCF6296     DSCF6297    DSCF6301    DSCF6302


When was the last time someone lived here?
When was the last time someone lived here?

DSCF6309 DSCF6310 DSCF6311 DSCF6313 

The view gets a bit more panoramic once you get higher up!


You’re not alone out here…

DSCF6314 DSCF6315  DSCF6316  DSCF6319  DSCF6320  DSCF6321  DSCF6323 DSCF6325 DSCF6326 DSCF6327 DSCF6328 DSCF6329 DSCF6330 DSCF6334 DSCF6336 DSCF6345 DSCF6346 DSCF6347 DSCF6359 DSCF6360 DSCF6362 DSCF6374 DSCF6377

Back to the trail:

DSCF6341 DSCF6342 DSCF6343 DSCF6378 DSCF6244 DSCF6246 DSCF6249 DSCF6250 DSCF6252 DSCF6253 DSCF6254

There was still some dust coming down the cliff as I drove by. This is why you don’t sleep in a canyon or by a cliff.


Some video footage for your entertainment:


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