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Bill Nye the Social Justice Warrior’s Sex Show

Progressives seem to be getting more insane as time goes on. For the latest example let’s look to the sad example of Bill Nye the Science Guy Sex Pervert. I don’t really understand the idea behind Bill Nye’s new Netflix show Saves the World, but this seems like a really twisted way to try to brainwash people. I suppose that Bill Nye the Loser Guy and his fellow progressives gave up any semblance of decency quite a long time ago. Here’s some of the demented video for those who are morbidly curious:

It’s not evolution, it’s perversion. How did they come up with such terrible lyrics.

The ice cream shtick seemed like a really odd way for Bill Nye to project.

The Blaze – Commentary: Can we stop pretending that Bill Nye is a science guy already?

Does “Global Warming” cause asteroids to head towards Earth?


I was recently lurking around Watts Up With That about a near-miss event with a fairly fast moving object and came across this little gem of a video in the comments section:

I wonder if the news anchor is simply that inept or if this was planned ahead of time by Bill Nye the Global Warming climate change purveyor. There were some interesting comments and theories on WUWT and they’re worth taking a look at.

nyesucks nyesucks_1

In other climate change news, developing countries at a conference in Paris demanded that developed countries give them a trillion U.S. dollars. In the words of Nozipho Mxakato-Diseko of South Africa, who chairs a developing country bloc of 134 countries:

will be judged by what is contained in the core agreement on finance. For us, that will be the yardstick for success,

Yep, the yardstick for success is how much money can be extracted from some Western countries. This sounds like it will be a great deal. But just like the Kyoto Protocol got nowhere in the U.S. Senate in 1997, a new agreement should get nowhere. Perhaps the President will use his phone and pen, the growing administrative arms of the government, and turn how such agreements are supposed to work on their head like with the JCPOA.

I don’t really expect developing countries to simply keep their people impoverished over what some environmentalists and their computer models that ignore water vapor are telling them. Just as China is not promising to reduce their emissions in a recent “agreement” reached between the United States and China, India will also not be reducing their carbon footprint anytime soon. According to Indian power minister Piyush Goyal:

Increasing domestic production of coal will be a big step towards long-term energy security of India,

India’s National Planning Commission states:

The dominance of coal in the energy mix is likely to continue in foreseeable future.

India’s current electrical power output stands at about 250 GW and will add another 70 GW by the end of 2017. Almost all of the added electrical capacity will be coming from coal-fired plants. I wonder how many solar panels it would take to provide all that power? How many batteries would you need? What kind of grid stability problems would you have? What would that environmental impact look like? The green freaks are out of their minds if they think that the Chinese or Indian governments will keep their own people from having electricity to satiate their insane demands. Perhaps Al Gore will give up his millions to help pay for all of this “green energy” and make the world a better place?

globalwarming_bakedbeans Hillary-Clinton-Rejected-Rent-Free-Living-for-the-Poverty-Stricken-Offered-by-Gore-Estates-0001aAa-600x480

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