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Jimmy Kimmel is crying…

Jimmy Kimmel is sad that Trump and his fellow RethugliKKKans don’t like Obamacare. He’s sad that some proles, I mean citizens don’t want the federal government to control their health insurance or medicine. He’s sad that some of you oppose the forced redistribution of wealth and aren’t interested in turning the United States into a European country. It doesn’t matter that countries like Denmark have 40% (minimum) income taxes, a 25% VAT, and that most of your income is gone before you receive it because we all need to support mandatory health and human services (such as gender reassignment surgery) whether you want them or not.

Obviously, what you need to realize is that you need free stuff from the government paid for by everyone else. Freedom and liberty are outdated bourgeois ideals that only racist, bigoted, cis-gendered white men believe in. Don’t bother asking Jimmy Kimmel and his fellow socialist celebrities to donate their own money towards what they believe in.

Kimmel, you’re a rich actor who will never have problems affording anything yet you want to dictate how the rest of us live while calling it charity. To hell with you Jimmy.