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How Fast Can Social Justice Warriors Run?

Why do social justice retards think that some small tires or a couple of people can stop cars and trucks? Why do they think that it’s OK to randomly block Interstates? Do they realize how much momentum a 2500kg truck has at 100 km/h? Do they think that cars can instantly stop? What do they expect to happen when they start jumping on someone’s car?

It seems that this video has been removed by the social justice warriors  at YouTube. Oh well, here’s another one:

Bill Nye the Social Justice Warrior’s Sex Show

Progressives seem to be getting more insane as time goes on. For the latest example let’s look to the sad example of Bill Nye the Science Guy Sex Pervert. I don’t really understand the idea behind Bill Nye’s new Netflix show Saves the World, but this seems like a really twisted way to try to brainwash people. I suppose that Bill Nye the Loser Guy and his fellow progressives gave up any semblance of decency quite a long time ago. Here’s some of the demented video for those who are morbidly curious:

It’s not evolution, it’s perversion. How did they come up with such terrible lyrics.

The ice cream shtick seemed like a really odd way for Bill Nye to project.

The Blaze – Commentary: Can we stop pretending that Bill Nye is a science guy already?


Progressives continue to bend reality even further in their quest to destroy civilization as any sane person would recognize it. We’ve all heard about the liar Rachel Dolezal by now, but what’s sad is that so many in the left-wing mainstream media continue to give this woman a massive platform to perpetuate her lies and fantasies. She should find her place in the crazy house.

I dressed up once as dracula for Halloween, I don’t tell people I was born in a coffin.

The Counterfeit News Network goes further into the depths of madness…

“Mediocre Negros”

A little over a week ago the progressive liberals on the Communist News Network got together for one of their panels and Marc Lamont Hill decided to refer to any black man who would dare speak with President Trump as a “mediocre negro.” It really is amazing how patronizing the Democrats can be: shut up and listen to your betters! The Democrat coalition is starting to crack up and it seems that there’s no way it can be stopped. There are too many competing interest groups/constituencies and too little to unify it. Well that, and the Democrat Party is declaring some sort of war against white people and going full-on communist. Trump has driven the Democrats over the precipice into full insanity.

I wonder if Sally talked to this “person of color”? I wonder how this conversation would go? I wonder if Sally would willingly walk through progressive cities like Chicongo or Oakland?

The Oreos are a nice touch.

What would progressives say if a Republican used the term “mediocre negro”?