Miscellaneous 4×4’s

In no particular order I will place photos of other 4×4’s here. Enjoy!

This old Jeep is pretty cool.

DSCF4624   DSCF4625 DSCF4626   DSCF4627

Here are some shots of an old Wagoneer.

DSCF3404 DSCF3406 DSCF3411

Various Toyota Tacomas roaming through the wild…




A photo of a TJ.


The side of the trail is always a great place to find a broken down car.


Here’s an old Chevy CUCV.

DSCF4481   DSCF4482

Sometimes it’s nice to hit the trail with friends. Probably smarter too.


A nice little VW Bug:


Old iron found near Lake Tahoe:


Found this awesome F-250 in the El Cajon 4-Wheel Parts parking lot:



I also saw these trucks in the same parking lot. It would seem that dealers take new trucks here to get 6″ drop bracket lifts and 33″ tires on 20″ wheels:


A Jeep Liberty out in the wild:

Turning molehills into mountains:


This driver was having a bad day:


Pink Jeep tours are real popular around Sedona. It’s really funny to see a Jeep with a custom Dana 60 rear axle from Dynatrac and stock, low-pinion Dana 30 in the front. Why not just buy a real truck instead?

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