Rodriguez Canyon

Rodriguez Canyon is an easy trail southeast of Julian, CA. Rodriguez Canyon can be accessed from the northern end from CA-78 at the end of Banner Grade or from the south along S-2 (north of mile post 27). Rodriguez Canyon runs to the parallel and to the eastern side of Oriflamme Canyon. This trail is of slightly moderate difficulty; any good truck or 4×4 with some ground clearance will make it through with no problem. At the time I went through there was no snow though it is possible for some to accumulate during these winter times. There are a number of private roads and land around the area so be careful not to trespass. Enjoy the photos and videos!

Edit (12 April, 2020): I recently went through this trail again with a far superior dashcam and right after a wet Winter and Spring.

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When was the last time someone lived here?
When was the last time someone lived here?

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The view gets a bit more panoramic once you get higher up!

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The Pacific Crest Trail and a small watering hole intersect with this trail.

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There is a bit of private property along the trail; don’t trespass and stay on the trail in these areas.

You’re not alone out here…

Back to the trail:


There was still some dust coming down the cliff as I drove by. This is why you don’t sleep in a canyon or by a cliff.






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