Gold Valley and Gold Lake

The Gold Valley area can be reached from the north by taking CA-89 (Graeagle is the closest town of any significance) and heading west towards Graeagle-Johnsville Road. From the south CA-49 can be used to reach Gold Lake Highway. From the Guide to Northern California Backroads and 4-Wheel Drive Trails by Charles A. Wells (Mr. Wells has since converted his separate California books into a single book):

From Auburn and Grass Valley, take Hwy. 49 north and east past Downieville and on to tiny Bassetts. From Truckee, take Hwy. 89 north to 49 then go west to Bassetts. From Bassetts Station, take Gold Lake Highway west then north about a mile and a half. Turn left over a bridge following signs to Sardine Lake. After 0.2 miles turn right towards Packer Lake. Go another 2.7 miles and turn left. Climb uphill until you reach Packer Saddle at the top of a ridge in another 1.6 miles. You’ll continue straight on a gravel road for Gold Valley Trail. Deer Lake Trail is to the right and Sierra Buttes Lookout is left on the paved road.

The area around Gold Valley (and the Tahoe National Forest in general) is simply astounding. I went here last September so there were no snow problems but obviously that’s a different case during the winter and early spring months. The trail happens to overlap the Pacific Crest Trail in some spots so be sure to watch out for hikers and cyclists. As always, be sure to share these photos and videos with your friends. Enjoy!

Location of a campground by Gold Lake:

Gold_Lake_1     Gold_Lake_2



DSCF6153    DSCF6154    DSCF6155    DSCF6156

DSCF6157    DSCF6160    DSCF6161    DSCF6162

DSCF6163    DSCF6165    DSCF6166    DSCF6167

DSCF6168    DSCF6169    DSCF6170    DSCF6171

DSCF6172    DSCF6173    DSCF6174    DSCF6175

DSCF6176    DSCF6177    DSCF6178    DSCF6179

DSCF6180    DSCF6181     DSCF6183    DSCF6184

DSCF6185    DSCF6186    DSCF6187    DSCF6188

DSCF6189    DSCF6190    DSCF6191    DSCF6192

DSCF6193    DSCF6194    DSCF6195    DSCF6196

DSCF6197    DSCF6198    DSCF6200    DSCF6201

DSCF6202    DSCF6204    DSCF6205    DSCF6206.1

DSCF6208    DSCF6209    DSCF6211   DSCF6212

DSCF6213    DSCF6214

By the time we got to Gold Lake it was pretty dark and my camera doesn’t have long enough exposure times to do night shots very well. In the morning I didn’t really think about taking pictures of the lake or campground.

DSCF6216    DSCF6217



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