Turkey Creek

This is yet another trail in Arizona, which is a nice, moderate, and rocky trail. There is one narrow slot that will be harder on wide trucks. You’ll pass through Turkey Creek several times, pass a mining operation, and see some cattle along the way. This trail also has some old ruins, plenty of interesting flora, and awesome rock formations. The north end of this trail hits a little town called Cleator. Not many people live there, but there is a bar and a few cabins for rent. The whole area is pretty cool in general. This trail can be reached from it’s southern end by taking exit 248 off I-17, heading north along Crown King Road, and staying to the left when the road branches toward Mayer. I reached this trail from Black Canyon Creek and there are also many ways to reach it from the north end. Enjoy the photos!

DSCF4183 DSCF4182 DSCF4180 DSCF4179 DSCF4178 DSCF4177 DSCF4175 DSCF4174 DSCF4173 DSCF4172 DSCF4171 DSCF4170 DSCF4168 DSCF4167 DSCF4164 DSCF4163 DSCF4161 DSCF4160 DSCF4159 DSCF4158 DSCF4157 DSCF4156 DSCF4155 DSCF4152 DSCF4151 DSCF4150 DSCF4149 DSCF4148

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