The Mojave Road, Central

This portion of the Mojave Road covers the areas between Kelbaker and Ivanpah roads and is almost minivan friendly, especially Cedar Canyon Road. Any 2WD truck would make it unless it is muddy. The Mojave Road mailbox is in the western portion of this section and you can add your name to the logbook, unless of course someone left the book out in the rain. There are camping spots by the Beale Mountains (fire-pits are the only thing offered here) along with the Mud Hills and Hole-in-the-Wall campgrounds south of Cedar Canyon Road.

Camping on the cold ground in a two-man tent sucks. If I was smart I would’ve stopped at the Beale Mountains for the night instead of pushing on in the dark. I went from west to east and the cairns (piles of rock along the trail) will always be on the left.

The Mojave Road, West

The Mojave Road, East

My starting location


Someone moron left the visitor log out in the rain instead of putting it back in the box. It wasn’t worth trying to sign it, or open it.

Find the full video playlist here.

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