Guam Animals in Need

Guam Animals in Need (GAIN) is the only animal shelter on the island of Guam and is a great place to visit if you happen to stop by the island. There are a lot of stray and feral animals on Guam and the shelter could always use some extra volunteer help to take care of the animals or facility. It’s also just nice to play with the animals for a while too. Enjoy!


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Something that you may notice about many of the trees are that they are all dying. Apparently back in 2007 some Coconut Rhinoceros Beetles arrived on Guam and their population has exploded enough to infect most of the coconut trees on the island. I actually found one of the beetles in the grub stage while cutting down some brush and boy did it look disgusting, even more so than in a picture or illustration. Something about it just disgusted me but it seemed like exposing it to sunlight killed it.


Typhoon Mangkhut did more damage to Saipan than Guam but still damaged plenty of trees and interrupted electrical power for a time

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If you ever get stationed on Guam GAIN could always use the extra help in maintaining the grounds and facility. Most of the staff don’t actually get a paycheck for what they do and would appreciate any assistance you could muster.




Just a picture of myself with the vet. I wish that I had taken more pictures of the staff at GAIN.

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