Font’s Point

Font’s Point isn’t reached by any hardcore trails, but is still quite a beautiful sight to behold. Font’s Point is east of Borrego Springs, CA and can be reached by S-22 and then taking a nice sand road a few miles south. It doesn’t take much of a vehicle to reach Font’s Point, just a little momentum and ground clearance will get anything through to the breathtaking views available. I hope that you enjoy the photos!

DSCF2415    DSCF2419   DSCF2420    DSCF2421

DSCF2424    DSCF2427    DSCF2428    DSCF2431

DSCF2434    DSCF2435    DSCF2436    DSCF2438

DSCF2439    DSCF2441    DSCF2443    DSCF2445

DSCF2446    DSCF2448    DSCF2449    DSCF2452

DSCF2454    DSCF2456


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