My (former) Jeep

Here’s a shot of my 2012 Jeep Wrangler in near stock form. If I was smart I would have driven it this way for 30,000 miles and then started major modifications. Live and learn I suppose. No more Totally Integrated Power Modules will be found in my vehicle. Also, no more shoddy and untrustworthy work will be performed by Off-Road Warehouse anymore.


Scars build character…


Here are some shots of my rear semi-float Dana 44 axle. I’ve had a pinion bearing, wheel bearing, and locker failure on this axle about three months ago. I can’t wait for my new semi-float ProRock 60 from Dynatrac to show up. (Edit: I did eventually get the ProRock 60. I’ve also sold it. It would’ve been nice if Off-Road Warehouse hadn’t messed up the installation.The control arm mounts hitting the sway bar links at rest is no big deal right?)

DSCF5640 DSCF5396 DSCF5623 DSCF5409

Here is my Jeep in its current form. In addition to the new rear axle I’ll also be getting a free-spin kit for the front axle.

DSCF5383 DSCF5398


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