Big Bear Lake Trails

I’ve created this page to better organize all of the trails that I’ve traversed throughout the wondrous expanse of deserts and mountains in Southern California. I’m including all of the trails around the Big Bear Lake area and throughout the San Bernardino Mountains on this page. Enjoy!

Clark’s Summit and Skyline Drive take through narrow shelf roads and offer incredible views of the surrounding mountains!

Cleghorn Ridge is an easy trail that is easily accessible from I-15. It’s even more fun in the snow! 

The Coxey Trail/3N14

Gold Mountain is about the hardest trail I’m willing to do in my Tundra right now…

Holcomb Valley Road (3N16) is a relatively easy trail that runs for a long distance north of Big Bear Lake.

Jacoby Canyon is just one of the many awesome trails in Big Bear!

Seven Oaks Road is a fun and easy trail.

White Mountain is a fun trail of moderate difficulty.

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