The Bear Valley OHV Area

The Bear Valley OHV area has a mix of easy and moderate trails. One of the trails I traversed was extremely narrow, will mess up the paint of anything wider than a CJ, and I decided to take my truck through it. The actual OHV trails are not kind to full-size trucks and 4x4s. At least my paint job was already messed up. The staging area is reached by going approximately 15 miles north of the CA-89/I-80 junction, then head east, and then continue on Cottonwood Road (451) for about six miles.









The Bear Valley campground:

DSCF7524     DSCF7526    DSCF7527      DSCF7550

DSCF7528     DSCF7529     DSCF7530     DSCF7531

DSCF7532     DSCF7535     DSCF7536     DSCF7537

DSCF7538    DSCF7539     DSCF7541     DSCF7543


The view from Sardine Outlook is awesome:

DSCF7551     DSCF7552     DSCF7554

DSCF7555     DSCF7556     DSCF7557     DSCF7558

DSCF7559     DSCF7563     DSCF7564     DSCF7567

DSCF7569     DSCF7572     DSCF7577     DSCF7578

DSCF7580     DSCF7582     DSCF7583     DSCF7584

DSCF7585     DSCF7587     DSCF7588     DSCF7597

DSCF7598     DSCF7615     DSCF7620     DSCF7621

DSCF7624     DSCF7627     DSCF7632     DSCF7633


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