Prosser Hill OHV Area

The Prosser Hill OHV Area is northeast of Truckee, CA. The staging area is approximately two miles north of the CA-89/I-80 junction on the west side of CA-89. The trails upon which trucks and 4x4s may tread are all relatively easy but are tight in some spots. Any truck or 4×4 with some ground clearance could make it through the area though full-size trucks will get some (a lot) of pinstripes. Google Maps labels the staging area as “Atv rental” for some reason I’m not certain of; the only thing there is a small parking lot and a couple of toilets. The area has numerous hiking and biking trails which offer amazing views of the surrounding area. As always, enjoy the videos and photos!







DSCF7393    DSCF7394    DSCF7395    DSCF7396

DSCF7397    DSCF7399    DSCF7401    DSCF7403

DSCF7404    DSCF7405    DSCF7406    DSCF7407

DSCF7408    DSCF7410    DSCF7411    DSCF7412

DSCF7414    DSCF7415    DSCF7416    DSCF7417

DSCF7418   DSCF7419    DSCF7420    DSCF7421

DSCF7422    DSCF7423    DSCF7424    DSCF7426

DSCF7430 DSCF7431 DSCF7432 DSCF7435

DSCF7442 DSCF7445 DSCF7448 DSCF7451

DSCF7460    DSCF7463    DSCF7466    DSCF7470

DSCF7472    DSCF7474    DSCF7475    DSCF7476

DSCF7477    DSCF7478    DSCF7479    DSCF7482

DSCF7483    DSCF7485    DSCF7486    DSCF7487

DSCF7489    DSCF7490    DSCF7493    DSCF7494

DSCF7495    DSCF7496    DSCF7498    DSCF7501

DSCF7502    DSCF7503    DSCF7505    DSCF7507

DSCF7509    DSCF7510    DSCF7511    DSCF7513

DSCF7514    DSCF7517

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