Arizona Trails

Arizona trails:

Black Canyon Creek is a nice, difficult trail to go through.

DSCF4135    DSCF4119    DSCF4109

Black Arrow is simply stunning! It’s also very crowded though:


Follow me through the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge:


A winding trip through Glen Canyon.



El Camino Del Diablo is an amazing trail to drive through.

DSCF4050 DSCF4064 DSCF4083

Grandview Point and Trail are breathtaking!

dscf7785   dscf7769

dscf7749   dscf7706

Come see an 1890s gold mine at La Fortuna mine!


Toroweap Overlook is a long trail that winds its way to the Grand Canyon.



Turkey Creek is a fine, moderate trail.

DSCF4151    DSCF4175    DSCF4177

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