Oriflamme Canyon

Oriflamme Canyon is a nice trail, not extremely difficult but not just another fire road either. This trail is east of Julian, CA and can be accessed by using either CA-78 or S-22. Rodriguez Canyon is also attached to this trail. Don’t trespass on private property though. I started this trail on the north end near Julian and ended at the south end reaching S-22; this is also how the pictures are arranged.

DSCF2902    DSCF2909    DSCF2912    DSCF2913 

DSCF2917    DSCF2918    DSCF2921    DSCF2929

DSCF2940    DSCF2944    DSCF2947    DSCF2956

DSCF2957    DSCF2958    DSCF2961    DSCF2963

DSCF2964    DSCF2967    DSCF2969    DSCF2972

DSCF2976    DSCF2979    DSCF2985    DSCF2986

DSCF2987    DSCF2990


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