Black Canyon Creek

These photos are from a trail in Arizona that’s north of Phoenix on the west side of I-17. This trail is rocky, steep, difficult, and should only be accomplished by an experienced driver. Short-wheelbase vehicles will have an advantage in this terrain. Mistakes can easily lead to rollovers on the more tippy spots. This trail is also a lot of fun, has beautiful scenery, and is one of the better trails I’ve been on. I used I-17 to reach the general area, then took Exit 244, headed north, then west on the trail from Maggie Mine Road, and turned right at the Y-intersection. There are numerous ways to reach this trail though.  The left turn at the Y-intersection is meant for an ATV or side-by-side. If you pass a mining claim don’t steal from it, just enjoy the scenery. Leave the bovine alone also, there are many ranches in the area. I hope that you like the photos, enjoy!

DSCF4102 DSCF4103 DSCF4104 DSCF4142 DSCF4141 DSCF4140 DSCF4139 DSCF4138 DSCF4137 DSCF4136 DSCF4135 DSCF4134 DSCF4133 DSCF4131 DSCF4130 DSCF4129 DSCF4128 DSCF4126 DSCF4125 DSCF4124 DSCF4123 DSCF4122 DSCF4121 DSCF4119 DSCF4118 DSCF4117 DSCF4116 DSCF4115 DSCF4114 DSCF4113 DSCF4112 DSCF4110 DSCF4109 DSCF4108


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