Coyote One

Coyote Road One is simply a dirt road that leads to where the desert floor and mountains meet east of San Diego. The road is graded and passable by any vehicle with a few inches of ground clearance. I chose to go through on foot to more slowly take in the area. The sign at the beginning of the road may say no vehicles are allowed but it’s severely outdated. Since this area is not in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to the north you’re also allowed to discharge firearms to your hearts content. A short hike up some of the hills and mountains leads to stunning views of the Yuha and surrounding deserts.

coyoteone.1   coyoteone

DSCF6796  DSCF6798

DSCF6799  DSCF6800

DSCF6802  DSCF6803

DSCF6804  DSCF6805

DSCF6807  DSCF6810

DSCF6813  DSCF6814

DSCF6815  DSCF6816

DSCF6817  DSCF6818

DSCF6820  DSCF6821

DSCF6822  DSCF6823

DSCF6824  DSCF6825

DSCF6826  DSCF6827

DSCF6828  DSCF6829

DSCF6830  DSCF6831

DSCF6833  DSCF6834

DSCF6835  DSCF6836

DSCF6837  DSCF6838

DSCF6839  DSCF6840

DSCF6841  DSCF6842

DSCF6843  DSCF6844

DSCF6845  DSCF6846

DSCF6847  DSCF6848

DSCF6849  DSCF6850

DSCF6851  DSCF6852

DSCF6853  DSCF6854

DSCF6855  DSCF6856

DSCF6857  DSCF6858

DSCF6859  DSCF6860

DSCF6861  DSCF6862

DSCF6863  DSCF6864

DSCF6865  DSCF6866

DSCF6867  DSCF6868

DSCF6869  DSCF6870

DSCF6871  DSCF6872

DSCF6873  DSCF6874

DSCF6875  DSCF6876

DSCF6877  DSCF6878

DSCF6879  DSCF6880

DSCF6881  DSCF6882

DSCF6883  DSCF6884

DSCF6885  DSCF6886

DSCF6887  DSCF6888

DSCF6889  DSCF6890

DSCF6891  DSCF6892

DSCF6893  DSCF6894

DSCF6895  DSCF6896

DSCF6897  DSCF6898

DSCF6899  DSCF6900


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