Stag Point

Stag Point is in the Foothills of Northern California northeast of Yuba City off of F.S. Highway 120. The actual trail leading to Stag Point is only a few miles long. To reach this trail: head left following signs for the Little Grass Valley Reservoir, continue north, drive over the dam, turn left onto F.S. 94, stay on F.S. 94 until a right turn appears for 22N72, and stay left until the trailhead is reached. The trail quickly gets steep as it descends about 3,000 feet with very tight and narrow switchbacks.

I didn’t take any photos along the trail to Stag Point and forgot to save the video (from my dashboard camera) in time to prevent it from being over-written by proceeding loops. Thus, almost all of the pictures are of the surrounding forest and the Feather River. There are a couple of footpaths leading to the river both to the right and left of the campsite. It would be wise to bring insect repellent. Enjoy the photos!

DSCF6083    DSCF6087    DSCF6089    DSCF6090

DSCF6091    DSCF6094    DSCF6097    DSCF6100

DSCF6108    DSCF6110    DSCF6112    DSCF6115

DSCF6116    DSCF6117    DSCF6118    DSCF6119

DSCF6120    DSCF6122    DSCF6123    DSCF6124

DSCF6125    DSCF6126    DSCF6127    DSCF6128

DSCF6129    DSCF6130    DSCF6132    DSCF6133

DSCF6134    DSCF6136    DSCF6137    DSCF6138

DSCF6139    DSCF6140    DSCF6142    DSCF6144

DSCF6145    DSCF6146    DSCF6147    DSCF6148

DSCF6150    DSCF6152

As a nice bonus, here’s some video from walking in the river:

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