Anza-Borrego Mud Caves

I’ll be posting up some video from trails I went through on the same day I took this video, but for now I’ll just post up about the Mud Caves. In Anza-Borrego Desert State Park there are a large network of caves that you can walk and crawl through. Obviously, they can get dark so don’t forget your flashlight. There’s also a lot of seismic activity in the area so the cliff sides and caves are not a good place to camp out. I traversed a single cave with a small group of friends for about an hour; it would take quite a long time to explore the cave system in detail.

The closest paved road to the Mud Caves is S-2 (reached from the south via I-8 and the north via CA-78), then take Vallecito Creek east, and then head north a few miles along Arroyo Tapaido. During the cooler months of the year there will be a lot of tourists so it’s pretty hard to miss.


If you’re not into four-wheeling like I am this is another fun activity you can enjoy in the desert. There really is a lot of beauty (and life in some spots) in the desert. Enjoy the photos and video footage.

DSCF6442 DSCF6444 DSCF6448 DSCF6449 DSCF6450 DSCF6451 DSCF6452 DSCF6453 DSCF6454 DSCF6456 DSCF6457 DSCF6458 DSCF6460 DSCF6462 DSCF6464 DSCF6465 DSCF6468 DSCF6469 DSCF6470 DSCF6471 DSCF6473 DSCF6473 DSCF6474 DSCF6475 DSCF6477 DSCF6479 DSCF6481 DSCF6482 DSCF6483 DSCF6484 DSCF6455 DSCF6467 DSCF6476 DSCF6486

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