Cleghorn Ridge

Cleghorn Ridge is normally an easy trail that can be done in a 2WD truck with decent clearance. With the snow and ice present 4WD and a good tire would be a wise choice. There are many optional side roads that are of moderate and extreme difficulty that I opted not to take on this trip. The views of the surrounding area are astounding and this trail is a lot of fun with some snow on it. This trail can be reached from the Cleghorn Road exit on I-15 a few miles south of Cajon Junction.

Unlike going to the trails in Big Bear, you won’t have to go through highways filled with morons who decided not to get snow tires or bring chains/cables along with them.



Apologies, the video is incomplete due to the power cable for my dash camera getting disconnected at some point.

dscf8579    dscf8580

dscf8581    dscf8582

dscf8583   dscf8595

dscf8597   dscf8600

dscf8601   dscf8603

dscf8604   dscf8605

dscf8606   dscf8608

dscf8609   dscf8610

dscf8613   dscf8615

dscf8616   dscf8618

dscf8619   dscf8620

dscf8621   dscf8622

dscf8623   dscf8627

dscf8628   dscf8629

dscf8630   dscf8633

dscf8635   dscf8636

dscf8637   dscf8638

dscf8639   dscf8640  

dscf8641   dscf8642

dscf8644   dscf8647

dscf8648   dscf8649

dscf8652   dscf8653

dscf8654   dscf8655

dscf8656   dscf8660

dscf8661   dscf8662

dscf8665   dscf8667  


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